Top 3 Exercises to Help Tone Your Biceps

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Exercises to impress…

One”s biceps are some of the best muscles to target. Stronger biceps make it easier to lift heavy objects. They are also visible even

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through regular clothing. A large pair of biceps look great on men, and toned biceps look great on women. Fortunately, biceps are some of the easiest muscles to exercise. Here are the top three exercises for toning biceps.

Push-ups are some of the first exercises people learn. Push-ups are performed by holdingBiceps, exercise, Health and fitness, Dating Symbol blog oneself up on the floor with arms fully extended and roughly even with the chest. By bending the elbows, the chest is lowered to the floor before being raised again. The greatest advantage of push-ups is how easy they are to perform; there is no need for special equipment, so there is

never an excuse to skip push-up exercises while on vacation or away from weights.

Although push-ups will build muscle mass, they excel as a toning exercise. Those who already have large biceps can use push-ups to maintain their strength, but those who want larger biceps will need to supplement push-ups with another exercise.

Curls are some of the simplest exercises. There are two main techniques for performing curls. The first method is to sit down and stretch one”s hand across the thigh with the palm pointing upward holding a dumbbell. The dumbbell is brought toward the shoulder and then returned. The second method is to stand upright and hold a dumbbell with the back of the hand on the thigh. The dumbbell is brought up toward the shoulder and returned. Curls are great for targeting biceps directly.

Heavy weights are great for building muscle. Those who want to tone muscle instead should use lighter weights but perform more repetitions. Curls can be performed while watching television.

Pull-ups are another classic exercise that many will remember from gym class. Hanging onto a suspended bar, the body is pulled upward until the chin crosses the bar before lowering oneself again. There are several variations

of pull-ups, and different ways of holding the hands will target different muscle groups. By having the palms of the hands pointed toward the face, it is possible to better target the biceps.

Pull-ups are a difficult exercise for many, but they are great at building upper-body strength. Over time, it will be possible to do more pull-ups, but those who cannot complete a full pull-up may want to start with other exercises first.


Dating Symbol”s guest author today is Karlee Wiggins who blogs about fitness and health. She is a supporter of San Diego Plastic Surgery. She helps others learn ways to stay fit and eat right.

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2 Responses to “Top 3 Exercises to Help Tone Your Biceps”

  1. Tiffany Matthews says:

    Push-ups and Pull-ups are a little too hard for me. I think Curls would probably work best for me.

  2. Slavko Desik says:

    Even though sounding naive, yoga is a great way to tone the arms and visibly separate the shoulders from the biceps- something that makes the biceps appear more toned and gives them the ripped look.
    Curls are however probably the best pick, though they are more for creating a bulk appearance, so once we bulk up we should really look for something as to define the muscles more. Cardio can really help in this stage.

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