Online Dating: Don’t be put off by one bad experience

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This post is partly for all the ladies out there that worry that online dating is hard for women and much easier for men. This dating experience about my friend Mike is true, I wish my writing here was merely fictional for your entertainment but unfortunately it’s not.

wine glassesMike is an amazing man, warm, friendly and most of all genuine. Great marriage material with no baggage, his own home and successful in his chosen career. Mike was not in a relationship for a long time because to put it bluntly, his sometimes intimidated by women, most men grow out of this, but Mike simply could never shake it off. I use to be the same way myself in my twenties and completely understood his situation.

I had for years encouraged my long standing friend to try online dating, giving him many reasons and pointing out the growing data of success for this method of dating. He resisted for the longest time until I think he hit something of a crisis point about his future and his prospects for marriage and family.

Taking his courage in his hands he came back to me for advice and assistance on setting up his online dating account. As you can imagine I was thrilled he was finally taking the step I knew would lead him to where he wanted to be. Before I married I did my own fair share of internet dating, so together we set up his account on my recommended site, the very site I meet my own wife.

After only a few days he had success, after all we picked a great picture of Mike who is quite handsome in his own way. The big date night arrived, Mike was nervous and I hoped all would go well such that he would achieve a comfort zone to keep going with online dating.

For the date, Mike suggested a large popular Italian restaurant in town which had its own bar area for pre dinner drinks. Arriving early his date was already there, attractive, confident, the type of women Mike always wanted to meet. He asked if she would like a drink, she asked for a glass of white wine. Off to the bar Mike went ordering two glasses of wine taking the opportunity to text me to say she had arrived and seemed very nice. This particular restaurant is always busy at the weekend, so getting the drinks took a full ten minutes. Back at the table Mikes date was not there, thinking she had gone to the ladies Mike waited. After twenty minutes he realised she was not at the ladies and was not coming back. Yes she had made her mind up very quickly about Mike and took the first opportunity to go home. Seeing his nervousness must have put her off.

You can imagine the impact this had on him, how he felt, the humiliation of it all. I wanted to email her and give her a strong dressing down for her actions, but Mike being the man he is would not hear of it. It took a long time for him to get over this, but I can report this sad tale has a happy ending. Mike did in fact go back to online dating and after a few months meet a gorgeous woman, intelligent and kind as he is who he eventually married.

So believe me, whatever bad experience you have, whatever type of person you meet on internet dating, don’t be put off by one person, keep going,

there is someone out there for everyone.

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