Health Check before becoming Sexually Intimate

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Sexual Health Checkup

When sexually attracted to another person all concerns about sexual health health check, sexual health, Dating Symbol blogand safety may go right out of the window. However, making the decision to become sexually active with a date may be tricky, particularly broaching the topic of sexual health checks before becoming intimate.

Relationships differ too. Some relationships are highly sexually driven while others are more weighted on intimacy and knowing each other in a deeper way that not necessarily detracts from the sexual experience.

Broaching the Topic of

a Health Check

Talking about the importance of sexual health and health checks may be easier if done as part of developing sexual intimacy with another person. Be aware that values about sexual health may differ. Where some people may feel that health checks are highly important before experiencing sexual intimacy with another person, the other may not place as much importance on sexual health care for different reasons. Discussing sexual health checks may be sensitive and how it is broached may make all the difference to the outcome.

Sexual health checks before sexual intimacy are necessary to understand how best to protect yourselves while developing sexual intimacy and the relationship. A person may have an existing sexually transmitted infection (STI) and not know it. Being aware of the types of STIs, how they are spread, treatments available, and how to protect yourself against infection allows both partners to experience better health.

Types of Health Checks before Sexual Intimacy

Sexual health checks help with treatment and prevention of STI transmission. Tests are available for STIs such as:

  • Chlamydia
  • Genital Herpes
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases may be spread not just through sexual intercourse but through sexual intimacy including oral sex. These infections and diseases may cause future health complications such as infertility and weakened immunity. By being checked and treated if necessary, spread of the infection is prevented and improved health is experienced.

Other sexual health conditions, such as impotency or hormonal irregularities that impact sex drive, may be identified through sexual health screening, tests, and discussions and the right treatment identified for enjoyment of healthy sex life.

Enjoying the benefits of sexual health

Visiting a sexual health clinic together may form part of developing sexual intimacy with another person and

be a life educating experience. GP”s, Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) or Sexual Health clinics offer sex education, testing and treatment. Appointments are easily made and confidentiality is maintained.

Receiving sexual health advice, tests and treatment means that infections may identified early, treated and transmission prevented. Part of valuing another person for who they are is a care towards one”s own health and the health of another. By having sexual health screening, both partners may enjoy better health and prevent complications that may impact mental, emotional and physical health.

Infection weakens the body causing malaise. The illness may affect mood and sexual performance. Being screened and treated by a healthcare professional returns health to normal for greater enjoyment of sex and life.

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