Four Tips On Sprucing Your Home Up For A Date

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So You”re Bringing

a Date Home…

Dating is rarely easy. Every potential mate has their likes and dislikes, and some of the dislikes could be deal-breakers. That is why it is important to decorate your house or apartment in a way that won”t cause an issue between you and your date. Your date will inevitably make certain judgments about you based on your place when it comes time to see it. This can make or break a relationship, especially if your place is dirty or lacks style altogether. Decorating your home can be a great way to a person’s heart, and it certainly helps to express more of who you are during the early stages of a relationship. Here are four decorating tips worth considering the next time you plan on bringing a date home with you:

Keep Your Place Clean

Cleaning is not necessarily decorating, but a clean place makes a good impression.Man Cleaning Apartment, bringing a date home, dating and relationships, Dating Symbol blog Before deciding to add or alter any decorations, you should first try to do a full cleanup of the place to see what really needs altering. A dirty home or apartment can turn away a potential partner. Likewise, if you see that your date has a dirty place, you may be more likely to reconsider the whole deal. The key rooms to focus on are the kitchen and the bathroom because they affect more than just where you sit. Make sure that the toilet is not in a disastrous state. Also, clean the dishes and put them away to show that you are responsible. Your potential partner may assume that they will have to take care of the messes you leave behind in the future if you don”t take this easy first step.

Using Decorative Accents To Appeal To Your Date

Everybody’s favorite part about decorating is adding the little accessories to each room. Adding a tasteful globe to the living room can give your date the impression that you are a cultured person. Decorative bowls and vases also can go a long way. Candle holders and bookends can be added to give an extra sophisticated flair to the room. Of course, be sure that there are various books between your bookends that don”t include the words “Harry Potter”. Living room accessories can be matched to build on a specific idea. It is important to know what your date will enjoy, but it is even more important to give them a real sense of who you are as well.

A Fireplace Is As Romantic As It Gets

Next to the fireplace is the best spot for a date to end up. The sound of the crackling wood and the warmth of the fire can create some of the most romantic moments of all time. However, a fireplace needs decorating as much as any other part of the house. Fireplace screens come in many designs and textures that can create a specific mood while also showing that you are a responsible adult who is concerned with fire safety.  An Uttermost Effie fireplace screen is fairly simple in design, but its curves create a feeling of unity between two people. Fireplace tool sets can also be stored in decorative holders to improve the look of the area. Again, it is important to understand that even the most minor details will have an impact on how the home feels.

Please All Of The Senses

It is very common for people to put all of their efforts into the visual decorations of the home. However, it is important to consider how the sense of smell and even hearing can effect the mood. Try not to overdo it with air freshener, but be sure to maintain a pleasant smell at all times. It is important to create a full body experience. Different scents can create different moods. Everybody has a smell preference. Maybe you can pick up on some things your date likes and plan ahead to achieve a similar odor. For instance, if they enjoy cafés then you could get some coffee scented candles.

In the end, I”m sure you”ll agree that when you”re bringing a date home, decorating your place can have a profound impact on the future of the relationship. Try to find a balance between pleasing your date and expressing yourself as well to make sure that you have the best chance at a successful relationship. After all, every date could be “The One”.

Dating Symbol”s guest author today is Allison Cooper who is a writer and editor for, a leading online furniture retailer. When not working, Allison enjoys cruising the blogosphere in search of new and exciting information about knitting, crafts, parenting, and her favorite soap operas.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Very informative. It’s really a turn off to see your date’s pad dirty. We wouldn’t want to sit in a couch with his used undies lying on the floor, would we?

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