What Women Really Want from Men

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The age-old question comes around again. What do women really want? Though females are admittedly a fickle species, when it comes to men, there are some interesting trends that emerge.

The Total Package

Don’t despair, men! Though young women in the 21-25 age range are generally looking for a

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guy who has it all (looks, charm, money, brains) these desires shift and morph over the years. Women come to prioritize certain characteristics over others. For example, while looks might be the most important factor to a 26-year-old, by the time she hits 30, stability and humor far outweigh a guy with six-pack abs.

Financial Security

From an evolutionary perspective, women are primed to want a man who can provide for them. However, a man does not need to be rolling in dough to attract a woman. It’s less about the amount of money and more about financial savvy. No woman wants to be saddled with a guy’s credit card debt or pyramid scheme disasters. Smart decision-making when it comes to money and the ability to live comfortably goes a long way in peaking a woman’s interest.


It may not surprise you to hear that women love to be spoiled! Small gifts, (especially when there’s no occasion), go a long way. Though some women covet expensive, luxury goods (think: sparkly), most women are content with thoughtful, smaller presents. It’s less about the cost than the amount of time or effort that went into picking out the perfect item. Women want to feel special. The more personal or unique the gift, the better.


It’s a fairly simple concept, but one that men repeatedly fail at. When a woman comes to you with her woes, don’t immediately jump in to problem solve. While it may

seem like she’s begging for your brilliant insight, most likely she just needs to vent. Stay quiet while she talks and truly listen to what she’s saying. If you do have advice for her, ask if she’d like to hear it first. Women are much more receptive to possible solutions to their problems if they’ve been offered nicely.

Daddy Dearest

It’s true. Women like men who remind them of their fathers. Dads play a crucial role in a young JustLikeDad, what women really want, dating and relationships, DAting Symbol blogwoman’s life, and whether the relationship is good or bad, fathers provide daughters with their first male role model. Though there’s not much a guy can do to increase his physical appearance to resemble a woman’s father, odds are, she’s attracted to a guy because certain traits of his remind her of dad right off the bat. Oedipal? Sure. But it’s completely normal.

Hot Wheels

Driving a fancy car probably isn’t worth going into debt over, but, if you’ve got the cash, shell out for an above-average ride. Studies show women view cars as status symbols, and look down on a man who drives a dump when he can afford better. Perhaps it shows a lack of appreciation for fine things or maybe it suggests a lack of attention to detail. Regardless, upgrading your automobile can work wonders when trying to impress the ladies.

Dating Symbol”s article today on finding out what women really want was written by Kate Hassell. Kate works with sugardaddie.com, a mature dating site.

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