5 Cheap but Totally Romantic Getaways in Europe

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Europe has to be one of my most favorite places to visit, not least because it has just so many romantic getaways to enjoy.

Europe undoubtedly is the ultimate destination for those in need of a dose of romance. This continent has been blessed with the exact recipe for a swoon-worthy vacation: classic architecture, sensuous culinary culture, vibrant traditions, and of course, a climate fit for more than just a hug. But another known fact is this: Europe is regarded as one of the most expensive continents for a tender and sensual frolic.

If you wish to experience Europe with your partner but wish to not spend an arm and a leg for your vacation,

here are five noteworthy destinations you can check out.

1. DubronikDubrovnik romantic getaway, DAting Symbol blog, Credit: http://si.smugmug.com/2008/Weekend-in-Dubrovnik-Croatia/dubrovnik-croatia/316206557_pPgYs-M.jpg

This seaside fortress is located in Croatia’s majestic Dalmatian coast. Famed for its Baroque inspired palaces, gigantic stone walls, classic monuments and edifices, mouth-watering local cuisine, and a beckoning sea that stretches to seemingly unchartered horizons, Dubronik truly has all the makings for a romantic rendezvous.

Moneysaving Tips

  • Cheap accommodations are available just outside town and these are highly recommended to shoestring travelers. Local beers, cuisines, and other goodies are also the way to go for seaside picnics.

2. LisbonLisbon, romantic getaway, Travel section, Dating Symbol blog, Credit: http://www.all-free-photos.com/images/lisbonne/thumb/PI19139-ga.jpg

This is the best time to travel to Portugal since commodity and service prices are in an all time low due to the country’s current financial crisis. Lisbon is the best jump-off point to explore this country. This city is located atop several hills and exudes that laid-back charm that is hard to come by nowadays. Lisbon’s ingenious fusion of old-world character evident in its limestone buildings and exposing cathedrals, and modern comforts as achieved by its thriving cosmopolitan area, gives it that romantic vibe.

Moneysaving Tips

  • Make sure to avail of the city’s Lisboa card which allows tourists with free access to public transport as well as reduced or, at times, free tickets to various city attractions. Staying in a pension house, and sightseeing on a Sunday—during which museums and other attractions are opened for free, are other ways to stretch your dollars.

3. AlicanteStreets_of_Alicante, romantic getaway, travel section, Dating Symbol blog, Credit: http://i.images.cdn.fotopedia.com/flickr-905138906-hd/Spain/Comunidad_Valenciana/Province_of_Alicante/Alicante/Streets_of_Alicante.jpg

This Spanish city is considerably smaller compared to its more famous counterparts such as Barcelona and Madrid. But in terms of couple-friendly destinations, Alicante is not to be outdone. Some of the noteworthy romantic sites in this easygoing metropolis include Renaissance cathedrals, medieval castles, and even modern fountains and parks.

Moneysaving Tips

  • Just like its neighbor Portugal, Spain is also currently on a financial crisis. For foreign tourists this only means cheaper everything. The best way to enjoy Alicante without depleting your bank account is to dine on local family-run restaurants, and to book accommodations with one of its many pension houses.

4. Pragueprague, romantic getaway, Travel Section, Dating Symbol blog, credit: http://www.all-free-photos.com/images/prague/thumb/PI2933-ga.jpg

Once an underrated and underappreciated European city, Prague has definitely come a long way in terms of its popularity to Euro trippers. This is mainly due to the city’s unique charm and affordable offers. For instance, access to various sites like the Prague castle and Charles Bridge are free of charge. Factor in Prague’s narrow streets, statue-decked bridges, and hilltop castles to the equation and what you get is the perfect romantic setting for money-pinching lovers.

Moneysaving Tips

  • Say no to cabs- which are known to rip-off unknowing tourists- and enjoy the leisurely walk on Prague’s city streets. Also, make sure to book accommodations with free breakfast which is actually what most, if not all, establishments offer.

5. NormandyMajor_tourist_spot_in_Normandy_France_-_Mont_Saint-Michel, romantic getaway, Dating symbol blog, CRedit: http://i.images.cdn.fotopedia.com/flickr-4218099192-hd/World_Heritage_Sites/Europe/Western_Europe/France/Routes_of_Santiago_de_Compostela_in_France/Mont_Saint-Michel/Major_tourist_spot_in_Normandy_France_-_Mont_Saint-Michel.jpg

This historic northern French sanctuary is very much unlike the highly urbanized Paris or the undeniably swanky Cannes. The charm of this town emanates not only from its cow-commanded landscape, Camembert cheese, and apple orchards, but moreover, its quaint and romantic small towns of Rouen, Giverny, and Bayeux.

Moneysaving Tips

  • Experience Normandy the way locals do and you’ll end getting the best experience in the most reasonable price.


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