How to Catch an Online Dating Liar

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Online Dating Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…

When you are sitting across the dinner table from a liar, you are likely to pick up on body language and nervous stutters that tell you something isn’t adding up. When you are reading someone’s profile on a dating website or chatting through text and email, online dating liar, Dating and relationships, Dating Symbol blogyou don’t have the luxury of watching for those signs. You have to rely on gut instinct and follow these steps to catch the liars.


Pay just as much attention to what is not said, as you do to what is said. 

If there is a sour subject that someone does not want to tell the truth about, they will avoid talking about it. The balding man insecure about his hairline may not mention hair or looks at all when crafting their online dating profile. They may be resistant to send you pictures or talk about their appearance when you chat. If there is something a potential mate seems to avoid, or something you notice missing from a profile, consider that a red flag of insecurity in that area. What they do tell you on that subject may not be the entire truth.

2. If someone is telling you what they are not or what they do not do, assume they may be lying. 

An honest person will tell you what they love and who they are:

“I love skiing! I got to the mountains in Michigan at least a few times every winter.”
Someone who wants you to believe a lie will tell you what they are not:

“I am not an alcoholic. Honestly, I do not drink nearly as much as my friends. I’m not like them.”

3. Look at overly brief dating profiles with a healthy degree of skepticism. 

Some of the shadiest people participating in online dating will put up short profiles

that reveal very little information about who they are and what they do in life. If you read a profile and still have no sense of who a person is, your gut instinct should be throwing up red flags. When they start filling in the information, you may not get the truth.

4. Question someone who talks in second or third tense, rather than using direct “I” statements. 

If you come across someone who seems immune to using the word “I,” they may not be telling you the truth. If there is just one lie they are telling, then they may avoid direct statements about themselves when talking about that area, even if “I” statements are used on other topics of conversation.

Before you start re-reading profiles to catch those liars, keep one other thing in mind: liars are consistently inconsistent. They will eventually reveal their lies. Once you catch them, what will you do? Light their virtual pants on fire?


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  1. Liz says:

    Funny, but unfortunately true article. Better to be cautious until you get to know someone!

  2. Betsy says:

    A good video on lying and body language:

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