Sunglasses Make The Man

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Sunglasses: Here”s What His Shades Say About Him

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Sunglasses were originally designed as a practical accessory to protect our eyes from the sun. Then, as the case can be made for anyone who has ever gone on a date where a potential partner hid their eyes away behind a pair, they became a way to keep those windows to the soul private. Well, now there are a few quick tips women can learn on how to judge what”s behind that man”s

shades and what he”s like before you get too far into that first date.

Rule number one is sunglasses with blue lenses spell adventure. Chances are the guy who is wearing those baby blues has taken the color cue from the likes of Johnny Depp or Bradley Cooper. Get ready for a date with a combination pirate or bad boy. At any rate, dating one of these guys is generally exciting.

Looking for someone a little brainier? Then you might want to look at dating the guy with those transitional lenses, the ones that get dark in the light and then lose the shading when he goes inside. The guys wearing those glasses are generally tech-savvy and intellectual. These guys may not always do a lot of dating, but they are generally the ones who have lots of money. While it might not spell a night out dancing until the wee hours, there is sure to be some heady conversation at a good restaurant.

Sunglasses worn all the time can generally be a red flag unless you”re in Los Angles or some other big urban center where that kind of fashion statement is acceptable. Guys who wear the oversized uberman models right through a date are the ones that you might want to avoid going out with again. The same goes for guys that wear anything too excessive when it comes to styles like shutter frames or anything that makes people walk by and give his shades a double take.

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  1. Karlee says:

    Sunglasses do always look pretty awesome on a guy. Too bad my boyfriend has lost two pairs of sunglasses in one year.

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