10 Amazing One Liners

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10 Amazing (and by that I mean I’m amazed these have been used) one liners.

The following events are true; the following lines have been used on dates or in clubs and bars. Results are unknown. Use these one liners at your own risk! They may get you slapped, or they just may get you some one-on-one time with the object of your affection. For your convenience, these have been divided into sub-categories.

Go Big Or Go Home – These lines don’t leave anything on the table. You say what you want, and you either get it or you don’t. There’s no uncertainty after you bring out some of these babies – they can make or break your efforts. The following are in no particular order.

-          “I love your (shirt, pants, top, skirt, etc.)! You know where I think that might look even better? Crumpled up on my floor tomorrow morning. “ Give this one a try when you just don’t know where else to go; you’ll either go down in flames or you’ll have the greatest story on earth to tell your buddies.

-          “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. You are an incredibly beautiful person and I want to get to know you. Is this seat taken?” Then just sit down. Your show of boldness and confidence will either win her over, or totally turn her off. At least you won’t have to wonder.

-          “Come home with me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we go to high school together?”

-          The compliment, “Excuse me, but I’ve never seen eyes/lips/skin/hair like yours. Do you mind if I just sit and look at you for a while?”

couple, 10 amazing one liners, Dating Symbol blogMake Her Laugh Her Way Into A Date – These one liners are a little less direct, and a little more geared towards making your date laugh. If you can get her to laugh, you can get her to relax.

-          “Man, I hate seeing you go, but I love watching you walk away!”

-          “If I don’t talk to you, I will die. “ Of course, you’re going to die anyway, but this just gives a little extra impetus to spark up a conversation.

-          “In my opinion, sex isn’t the answer. Sex is the question, and the answer is ‘yes’”.

Get Creative – These are some different ideas that may work better than any of the above suggestions.

-          Write on the back of a business card, “Smile if you’d like to go grab a drink with me.” They will (almost) always smile! Follow up with, “You’re smiling, is that a yes?” It’s an inventive, original, and non-creepy way to meet someone new.

-          The conversation starter – “Is that the new iPhone 5? How do you like it?”

-          “I bet you a drink I can kiss you without touching you.” You’re going to end up owing a drink on this one. If you’re really smooth, you can talk her into going double or nothing.

Get Confident, Stupid – You would be amazed at what pickup lines can actually work if they are delivered with confidence and assuredness. Dress well, comb your hair, look her in the eye and be honest. It’s not hard to spot a phoney – so don’t be a phoney! Enjoy yourselves and have fun out there!

Dating Symbol”s guest author today is Evelyn Harris who works at Find My Kiss in various roles including marketing and writing. She enjoys life to its fullest and particularly enjoys dancing, clubbing and meeting new people. Find My Kiss is an online dating site for singles from across the U.S. So whether you’re dating in Houston, Los Angeles or New York City you’ll find singles in your area.


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