5 Times to Say It With Flowers

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Looking for a way to send a message that”s more personal than email? Say it with flowers, Dating Symbol blogWhy not say it with flowers? Most people – both men and women – love to receive flowers. Here are 5 occasions when flowers make the perfect gift.

1. Apologies and Thanks

If you have upset a friend or family member, then sending a bouquet to bring some beauty into their

home or office is a great way to apologize. When a beautiful bunch of flowers arrives, any heart will be softened. Add a note to complete the process of saying sorry. Flowers are also a great way to show gratitude. If someone has invited you for dinner or has done something particularly special, sending flowers can demonstrate your appreciation.

2. Birthdays

A delivery of fresh flowers can be the perfect way to let someone know you think their birthday is special. Choose a selection of blooms in the recipient”s favourite colours or pick out something that has a special meaning. Research the language of flowers  (where choosing certain flowers sends a message about your relationship) and send a bouquet that shows friendship or parental love or highlights the recipient”s best qualities. It will make it a memorable birthday.

Say it with flowers, Dating Symbol blog3. Romance

Flowers are a great symbol of love. Whether you are sending roses, carnations, tulips or another bloom, this is a wonderful token of your feelings for your loved one. Sending fresh flowers is guaranteed to make your significant other feel special. Send them home for a private celebration or let your loved one bask in your admiration (and others” envy) by having flowers delivered to work. Sending flowers is also a good way to rekindle those feelings of love and romance on anniversaries and Valentine”s Day.

4. Showing Sympathy

There are some occasions when words just aren”t enough. When someone passes on, sending flowers is an excellent way to show you care. You might want to send a funeral wreath – the circle represents life after death and shows that the deceased won”t be forgotten. Another option is to send flowers to the bereaved to show your sympathy and express your condolences.

5. Special Events

Apart from these events, there are several other occasions when flowers make a beautiful gift. When students graduate from school or university, then a corsage or wristlet can be the perfect accompaniment to formal wear. If people are ill, then sending flowers can brighten up a hospital room. Flowers are also wonderful for marking a transition in life, such as moving into a new home, getting a new job or the arrival of a new baby and they are also important for occasions such as Mother”s Day and Father”s Day.

There”s no denying it – tasteful, colourful bouquets bring some joy into our lives, so why not send flowers on your next special occasion.

Sharon writes for Clare Florist who provide the perfect blooms when you need to say it with flowers.

Editor Note: – There”s no denying – if you say it with flowers for me – you”ve just about won me – especially roses and gerberas! And on the subject of flowers I just read a fantastic book called “The Language of Flowers”. Go find it and have a great read.

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  1. Evelyn Harris says:

    Here’s a weird suggestion – girls can buy flowers, too. It’s not every guy that appreciates flowers, but I once saw a very classy bouquet that someone bought for a coworker. His buddies started to make fun of him until they say huge chocolate chip cookies on sticks mixed in with beautiful red roses. It was awesome!

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