Carbon Tax – Truth and Deception

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If you’re reading this it’s pretty much odds on you’re in a country where you too have been duped into a Carbon Tax to offset the manmade greenhouse gas ‘problem’ the powers that be have been brainwashed, (or is that paid off?) into believing is the case.

Australia has it’s Carbon Tax effective from 1st July this year – so it’s in and brace yourself for the raft of increases that $23 tonne of carbon dioxide emitted will bring. Already the councils have upped their rates thanks to particularly the Carbon Tax with the projections for what they’ll be slugged this coming year. Don’t you love 1st July when all those bills come in!

I gather the rationale for a $23 tonne Carbon Tax was that it will force up the cost of electricity and make people reduce their consumption of electrical power. Yup, sure, that will really work. I can see it now.  Manufacturers cutting back production, the economy going backwards and all our bills and everything else NOT going up by much at all. Hahahahahah. Please just pick me up off the floor from laughing so hard. Do you believe there will be a reduction in power consumption? I think Julia and the Greens still believe in the tooth fairy.

This is what WILL/IS happening: Industry and manufacturers are NOT going to reduce production just because the cost of power has gone up 15% or more. That cost will be passed on to US the consumers, who will pay the ultimate price – once again.

I heard this chap Terry Cardwell interviewed on Talkback Radio the other day and he was quoting some REAL figures – I present them here for your enjoyment. Please take Terry’s short quiz – you will be interested and surprised by the answers. Don’t cheat – write down what you think and then look for the answers at the very bottom of this post. After the ‘funnies’. We all need a little bit of light relief.

  • 1.     What percentage is the total carbon dioxide of our atmosphere.
  • 2.     What percentage of that is supposedly ‘man made’ carbon dioxide.
  • 3.     What is 97% of the Worlds ‘greenhouse’ gases.
  • 4.     What percentage of the world’s man made gases does Australia emit.
  • 5.     If the Labor government reduced our annual emissions by 20% (which is impossible) what percentage difference would  this make to the world’s carbon dioxide level.
  • 6.     Over the past fifty years how much has the World’s carbon dioxide increased per year.

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Terry’s Answers to his quiz.

  • A1  Total percentage is point zero three eight of one percent i.e. .038%
  • A2. 3.4% or   .038 x 3.4%  = .00129 of one percent of total atmosphere. Over total time.
  • A3. Moisture, as in clouds. Without this ‘Greenhouse’ gas there would be no life on earth as we know it because there would be no rivers, lakes or rain.
  • A4  1.5% or as a percentage .00001935 of one percent !!!
  • A5  One fifth of the above or . 00000387 of  ONE PERCENT.
  • A6  CO2 in the atmosphere has increased at .00008 of ONE percent per year.
Did this blow you away?

After looking at these figures it is very clear what a scam and deliberate lie man made climate change and the carbon tax is. But the alarmists, the Greens, the U.N. and others have made billions of dollars by deceiving the world with their lies.

If you’d like a bit more of an insight into the sleight of hand that appears to be taking place to present a case, it’s worth taking a look a the many photos on Terry’s blog that show how ‘truth’ can be distorted – Photoshop has a lot to answer for now.

I’ve filed this blog post under HUMOR – we have to laugh or we’d cry. Feel free to pass this on to friends and foe!

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