7 Reasons Why Wine is Good For Your Health

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So you don”t need any excuse to open a new bottle of wine, I know that…but… now you have proof – wine is good for your health! I just thought this post had to be shared with you.
Studies touting the health benefits of wine are nothing new.
7 Reasons Why Wine is Good For Your Health, dating symbol blog

But weeding through all the information out there for the truth about what types and how much you should be drinking, and  precisely what those benefits are

can be daunting. In all cases there seems to be a “sweet spot–” a point up to which your alcohol
consumption is considered healthy, and beyond which it becomes exponentially worse for you. Read on for
the facts about why a glass of wine a day really does keep the doctor away.
1) Alcohol Lowers Cholesterol
Alcohol is known to thin the blood, which is one of the primary cardiovascular benefits linked to wine
consumption. It raises HDL levels by up to 20% which helps unclog your arteries, if used moderately in
conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, says Eric Rimm, DrS, a Harvard researcher.
“The research points to ethanol, or the alcohol component in wine as the substrate that can help lower
cholesterol levels, and increase “good” HDL cholesterol,” he says.
2) Wine Beats Booze
While all types of alcohol can increase HDL, wine does more to decrease blood vessel inflammation and
reduce plaque formation in arteries. Phytochemicals found in wine, such as the increasingly acknowledged
resveratrol, act as antioxidants preventing “free radicals” from causing cellular damage.
There are claims that more research is needed before it is known whether resveratrol is truly the powerhouse
some claim it to be.  Findings so far have only been studied in mice, and to get the same dose of resveratrol
used in the animal studies, a person would have to drink over 15 gallons of red wine every day!
Don’t take this as discouraging news, however. There appear to be quite a few more benefits where that
came from.
3) Brain Food
A study conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine found a connection between moderate levels of drinking and mental function. The researchers found that those who imbibed performed better on brainteasers and saw a 23% reduction in mental decline compared with the teetotalers. Wine phytochemicals may also slow the progression of neurological degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.4) Healthy Bones

A study of active elderly women in 2000 suggested that moderate drinking is associated with an increase in bone mineral density.

5) Increased Immunity

Recent studies have also found that a wine compound helped to kill ovarian cancer cells in a test tube. In addition, red and white wine can slow the growth of several strains of disease-causing bacteria, even E. coli and Salmonella. The icing on top? Wine only kills the bad guys, leaving the friendly bacteria necessary for proper digestion and immune function untouched.

6) Blood Sugar Regulation

Resveratrol improves insulin sensitivity and increases the liver’s ability to synthesize glycogen, resulting in improved blood glucose levels after a meal. Animal research indicates positive effects on the control of diabetes in mice, so it follows that the compounds found in wine might also help regulate or prevent Type 2 diabetes in humans.

7) Alcohol and Weight pokies online Gain

There is conflicting information out there about whether drinking causes weight gain. Studies run the gamut from finding that consuming alcohol increases waist-to-hip ratio, to claims that it actually reduces body fat. What is undeniable is that when alcohol is mixed with food, it can slow the time it takes the stomach to empty, which may decrease the amount of food consumed during the meal. If you insist on wine and dessert however, you will need to increase your physical activity to stay in the healthy zone.


Wine is Best?

Resveratrol mostly comes from the grape skins, making red wine the best. Also, grapes that grow in cooler climates have greater amounts of resveratrol than those grown in hot regions. The varieties with most resveratrol include pinot noirs, malbecs, and petite sirahs.

What This Means For You
Women are allowed one 5-ounce glass a day to men’s two (lucky us- sorry ladies). Choose a red—like a big, jammy petite sirah–and drink it with your well-balanced, heart-smart dinner, some time after your daily gym session. Then sit back and revel in all the ways that delicious glass is helping you stay healthy.
Dating Symbol”s guest author today is David Moore, the Social Media Coordinator at The International Wine of the Month Club, an wine club established in 1994 and fit for anyone from wine enthusiasts to those just looking for great wedding gift ideas
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