3 Major Health Hazards with Skipping Meals

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If you’ve gotten in the habit of missing meals, you might be in trouble. Going without food for any extended amount of time throughout the day can actually turn out to hurt you in the long run out in the dating scene as well as your health. Making time for well balanced nutrition is vital to your overall health, and can also help you avoid these 3 major health hazards.

hcg-recipes, health and fitness, dating symbol blogYour blood sugar is attacked when you miss a meal.
Keeping your blood sugar levels nice and even is essential for long-term health and dealing with the single life. With diabetes on a rampage in our society, worrying about blood sugar is more vital than ever before. Every 2-3 hours you should be reaching for a small meal or snack. Working in protein with your meal works wonders at keeping your blood sugar even. Protein can also help in curbing the appetite so you’re not constantly reaching for carbs or sweets. Cheese and crackers, yogurt and apples…there are plenty of healthy and filling snacks to keep your blood sugar in pristine condition, and help your physique do the same. Eating on a regular basis throughout the day will ensure your energy stays high and your blood sugar stays even, which is a great combination to score you that perfect date.

Skipping meals creates the perfect storm for gaining weight.
If you think that skipping a meal here or there can save you calories…think again. The metabolism is a funny instrument. The more meals you skip, the worse it works, much like dating skills. Food causes the metabolism to keep at a good rate as it burns off the food you consume. Starving it only leads to a low rate of activity, and the result could be the same for your dating as well. Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day will ensure your metabolism is working hard and staying at the level conducive to losing

weight. This is especially true for those who are participating in any kind of physical fitness. To gain all the benefits of exercise, the body needs healthy fuel to keep it going. Your metabolism will perform at peak levels if given the proper nutrition before and after a workout. Carbs and protein can not only help you perform better in your workout, it can also help your metabolism keep burning after your exercise is completed, as well as your want to find that perfect someone. So keep the food coming and see your own metabolism, as well as confidence, soar to new heights.

Hunger levels roam out of control when you go without.
Have you ever gone a little crazy in the kitchen or at a restaurant after going without breakfast or lunch? When you skip lunch, you are much more likely to eat much more than you need to make up for the food lost. Unhealthy snacking shoots to an all time high when your hunger levels start to scream. You are more likely to reach for anything that’s close, especially the big part of the singles diet, fast food. Eating consistently throughout the day is essential for appetite control, it will help you to not eat a loads of food and embarrass yourself in front of someone on a date. Keep your portions small, keep the food healthy, and never go without. As you follow this advice, you can sit back and watch as your hunger levels fall along with your waistline but your dating success steadily increases.

Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Dakota Heim, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That’s how she found myself involved with hcg triumph which really helped expand her knowledge of improving overall health.

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