Healthy Eating Made Simple

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Summer’s around the corner and we all want to look good in our beach gear. And even more so if we’re single and looking to meet our match. Here’s a great article on healthy eating made simple. We can do it – very easily with just a little bit of willpower. Have a read and tell me what you think….

You’ve heard the statistics: some huge % of the U.S. population is morbidly obese. A ridiculous number of kids are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. With the facts staring us in the face, there’s been a huge push for living healthier. You can get online and find article after article that gives advice and ideas for how to change your lifestyle. You may have even stumbled across this article by doing a Google search for healthy eating… and yet, a lot of these articles give advice that is hard to follow or requires you to change everything in your life. That’s not realistic! Creating a healthy lifestyle is a gradual process and you can’t expect yourself to do it all in one day! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a grueling affair of counting calories, reading food labels, and limiting your food intake. Here are a few suggestions for the healthy eating beginner:

healthy-eating-made-simple, food section, DAting Symbol blogFresh Variety: Change it up! The simplest thing to do is to change up what you buy at the grocery store. If you are always buying the same junk, then you won’t get all the nutrients that you need. I’ve found that the easiest way to add variety to your diet is to eat something different for dinner every night. If you are eating spaghetti every night, then you are only getting the nutrients found in spaghetti. Think of different meals that you want to try and mix it up. Just adding variety to your diet can make a huge difference! It’s also a good idea to make sure that your variety is fresh variety. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can save you money and also cut out the extra preservatives and sugars found in pre-made meals. Don’t worry so much about the food label; just make sure that you are eating foods from every food group over the course of a day.

Eat to 80%. Sometimes, I don’t understand jokes until 5 minutes after the punch line. Let’s face it, I’m a little slow. Your body works the same way- it takes a while to know that it is full. If you eat until you are ALMOST full, but not quite, then you won’t worry so much about overeating. This is a way to limit your portion size without the tedious task of measuring out serving sizes. Don’t worry about the amount of food you’ve consumed, just try to avoid the “I’m so stuffed I can’t move” feeling.

Don’t Skip Meals. Your body likes routines. It’s always easier to moderate your food intake if you are eating at the same time every day. When you skip a meal, you have a tendency to eat anything and everything to eliminate hunger pangs. You’re more likely to make poor health choices if you are running on empty.  Regular meals (3-5) over the course of a day will keep you satisfied without overindulging.

These three tips are just a starting point. There are so many things that can help you change to a healthier lifestyle, the trick is to make sure you are easing into the changes. Don’t stress out when things get tough or you slip back into old habits; things like this take time! A great place to start, other than these simple suggestions, is . This site will give you all the information you want about eating healthy and it also allows you to create a profile and make a personalized meal plan. Anyone can change their eating habits; just take it one step at a time!

Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Penelope, a content editor at who writes regularly on various health, fitness, and wellness topics.

 Anyone for the beach?

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