5 Reasons to Check Out Social Sites for Wine and Beer Loves

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We all know about eHarmony, Match.com and other sites that promise to help us find the love of our life. But what if the love of your life is a glass of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, or a frosty mug of craft beer? While I love long walks on the beach as much as any gal, talk about Rhone wines and I swoon.

Well, put down your glass ‘cause I’ve got news – wine and beer social networks are popping up online, filled with wine and beer lovers who want to share their passion and knowledge. Sharing your wine stories, your favorite beer finds and overall best bargain deals are just a few of the reasons to check them out. Some, like LetsPour (http://www.letspour.com), are even offering their members deals on handpicked artisan wines and craft brews. Others, like Beer Advocate, have members mailing each other beer (talk about taking the concept of pen pal to a whole new level!).

Dating Symbol’s guest columnist today is Susie Hindle Kher, a content writer and editor for The Good Pour (http://blog.letspour.com), a blog devoted to wine, beer and letting the good times pour.

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Get Wine and Beer Recommendations

Let’s face it, how many people can you call to get advice for a great wine recommendation?  Or what about seeking information from a wine connoisseur on the latest release from a particular winery? Need some good imported beers to serve at a tasting? Social sites that let users share reviews and ratings and ask each other questions level the playing field when it comes to choosing and buying wines.

For members of LetsPour, being part of an online community has definite added bonuses.  Vballgal49 states, “I like reading and might try one of the (wines) that someone has posted.”  Another member, Kathleen, adds, “I’ve often sought out wines based on descriptions in posts.  It gets me thinking more about the wine I’m drinking….”

Meet Like-Minded Wine and Beer Lovers

Maybe you’re just interested in sharing your wine experiences with someone who isn’t a bored spouse or a friend who smiles at all the right places yet has no idea where you are going with your one-sided conversation. With online wine and beer communities, you instantly have something in common. There’s a sense of adventure and discovery shared by people who want more than what the grocery store offers. This group is truly interested in hearing from you.

Connect with Industry Experts

A good chunk of users on LetsPour, for example, are people who eat, sleep, and breathe wine or beer – bloggers, winemakers, brewmasters, and sommeliers. Never before have wine and beer consumers had the access to directly interact with some of the best resources in the industry.  Much like talking to others while sampling wine at your favorite winery, you are able to learn from professionals or even compare notes on a variety of wines and beers. Trying to start or maybe even complete your wine cellar? With a few clicks to your mouse, you can be online and seeking advice from those that are happy to share what every healthy cellar should contain.

Food Pairing Advice at its Best

One of the most-asked questions on LetsPour’s social pages is, “what to serve with this wine.” And guess what, users give them great suggestions.  Sure, you could probably Google that question, but there’s something more alluring and interesting about asking real people. No canned answers or cookie-cutter write-ups – just real answers.  And, possibly, the beginning of great friendships. woman-computer, Dating Symbol blog

Keep Your Wine and Beer Budget in Check

For many, spending money on wine and beer is a careful choice.  While wine and beer scores often help a consumer make a final purchase, many would prefer to buy based on word of mouth.  One of the perks is online members will give their honest opinion of a wine or beer and if it is worth purchasing.  Do you want to know if a wine ages well?  If a good wine deal is coming up?  Chances are, you will find this information conveniently though your online community.

So what are you waiting for? Put down your glass, pick up your keyboard and join a social wine and beer network that’s right for you!

Dating Symbol’s guest columnist today is Susie Hindle Kher, a content writer and editor for The Good Pour (http://blog.letspour.com), a blog devoted to wine, beer and letting the good times pour.

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