Why 2012 is the Year of the Peacock

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There is something you need to know; contrary to popular opinion, 2012 is not the Year of the Dragon. A new term has swept into urban consciousness – and the dictionary – called peacocking. As it suggests, the term is used for displaying oneself ostentatiously like the male species of a peafowl. The peacock, as you already know, displays its extravagant body and tail in an extroverted fashion during its courtship of the female species. Like his animal counterpart, the man who peacocks uses clothing and behaviour in a flamboyant manner to draw attention; or as a journalist from The Guardian likes to say “male self-objectification”

Before you guys decry this statement, take a look at a recent survey carried out jointly by the YMCA and the University of Bristol, claiming that men are far more body-conscious than women; so alarming was this survey, a scary 35% of men would exchange a year of their life for their ideal body.

It takes so much more than a couple of wax pots to get the male body beautiful, as the booming male beauty industry flourishes. The age of FHM and Loaded are perhaps over; Men’s Health as already overtaken them as the leading men’s magazine with an emphasis on how to achieve the body even Adonis would be proud of.

The Celeb Effect

Undoubtedly, when it comes to publicising beauty products for men, advertisers and marketers turn to those age-old endorsers and the original peacocks: the celebrities. Jude Law and James Franco, respectively, are the faces of Dior Homme and Gucci fragrances.

peacock dior homme, fashion section, Dating Symbol blog peacock dior gucci, fashion section, Dating Symbol blog

However, when it comes down to it, it’s all about knowing your audience; the impossibly good-looking (and sometimes slightly pretentious) Hollywood stars just won’t cut it when trying to appeal to a mass market. So the industry turns to the world of sport to market their products as a much-needed weapon to their arsenal as a guy’s guy. Perhaps no other male celebrity has been enlisted as the carthorse for male grooming, as much as David Beckham. With an estimated personal fortune of £135 million (or $219 million), Beckham is a lucrative brand in his own right and perhaps the original mass market peacock (who could ever forget his coordinating outfits and that sarong…)

Wax-on, wax-off…

An entire character in the latest Steve Carell vehicle Crazy, Stupid, Love was dedicated to showcasing the peacock, brilliantly played by Ryan Gosling. In this film, Carell’s middle-aged, soon-to-be divorced character was taught the ways of the peacock by casino online a young, single but ever-so-sexy Gosling, to humorous effect.

peacock 2 guys, fashion section, Dating Symbol blog

Sure, you could follow this approach but it’s a tad unrealistic. A not naturally bulky Gosling had to overhaul his diet and hit the gym hard. An intensive regime of cardio and weights produces a figure like that, but not everyone has time to devote themselves to this regimen. For instant peacocking effect, follow these mantras:

  • Go to the hairdressers and revamp your tired 2002 style for a 2012 one.
  • Switch from hair gel to paste – this isn’t the Nineties guys!
  • Have a professional barber shop old-school shave and facial.
  • Book a man manicure and pedicure – c’mon guys, great nails should be mandatory.
  • Settle into a solid cleanse, tone and moisturise routine that your mother used to swear by!
  • Steer clear of the sunbeds. Even though there’s nothing wrong with a healthy glow for a peacock, the Jersey Shore man-tan is definitely not in vogue. My apologies to The Situation.
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate.
  • Enlist your best female friend as your personal shopper. A girl’s eye is often the shrewdest eye (no bias!) and they’re honest enough to tell you what works.
  • Visit a good tailor at least once in your life – a well-fitted suit is for life, not just for weddings.

Have these tips whetted your appetite to unleash your inner peacock? Feel free to tweet!

Dating Symbol”s guest post today was contributed by Leyla, a 25-year-old Brit with an extensive interest in men’s fashion and beauty. She is currently writing for Salons Direct, but was taught the insider’s knowledge of the ways of the Peacock from a secret source!

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