Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods – And A Few You Should Avoid

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Any cook can tell you that food, when properly prepared, can be very sexy. But, are there really foods that can enhance your sex life? Here are five of the top aphrodisiac foods.

aphrodisiac foods - oysters, Food and Wine Section, Dating Symbol blog- Oysters

Why are they so sexy?

- Oysters have long been used to set the scene for romance. Back in the day it was common knowledge that oysters served with champagne made young maids all…”lusty”. This is probably due to the fact that oysters contain certain compounds that trigger the body to release testosterone which boosts sex drive in both males and females.

- Chocolate

Why is it so sexy?

- There is a reason we give chocolates to our sweeties on Valentine”s day, and it”s not simply because they are delicious. Chocolate is known to have a chemical effect on the part of the brain that processes pleasure and euphoria. This chemical reaction tells the brain to release endorphines, much in the same way it releases endorphines during an orgasm.

- Champagne

Why is it so sexy?

- Champagne is usually reserved for those very special occasions and that in itself can be a reason that this beverage seems so intimate and sexy. The sweet, intoxicating drink can help you relax and lose your inhibitions a bit so that you can enjoy each other”s company to the fullest. Just remember to drink in moderation, however, as too much alchohol will NOT help you later in the bedroom.

- Bananas

Why are they so sexy?

- In ancient times, people believed that bananas could make a man more virile and potent in bed. Of course, they based this on the fact that they thought bananas were  rather

”suggestive” looking, but it turns out that they were actually on the right track. Bananas are loaded with potassium and B vitamins, which are essential nutrients that help to keep the male reproductive organs healthy.

“Sexy” Foods That Aren’t

Aside from these deliciously sexy foods that can help boost libido, there are a few aphrodisiac foods that shouold actually be avoided if you want to get your partner in the mood. Some foods which are rumored to pack a punch in the romance department are simply too yucky looking or smelling to be worth the potential benefits.

Some foods you may want to steer clear of  when on a date are;

-          Durian

Rumored to be highly aphrodisiac, durian also has a very potent smell. This smell can be heavenly if you like durian, but if you don’t then it will probably smell like a cross between a rotten egg and a garlic.

-          Garlic

Garlic is a very healthy addition to any meal and keeping healthy is helpful if you want to be sexy. However, you may want to avoid it if you want your partner to share some long loving kisses with you as the aftertaste can linger for many hours.

-          Anything Your Partner Finds Unbearable

Things like seafood can be very sexy for some, but for others the smell or taste can be too much to handle. Keep your partner in mind when choosing your meal and avoid anyting that could set off their stomache instead of their desire.

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