How Much Money Do You Need To Live And Work Abroad?

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laptop-on-the-beach, Finance section, Dating Symbol blogTo get away from the rat race and go and live in some far flung land where the sun shines brighter and life is better – there are not many dreams more appealing than this one. But whilst so many people would love to emigrate to pastures green, few ever make the leap.

The sad thing is that moving to live and work in another country is perhaps more achievable than you might think, all you need is a plan and a bit of determination.

What’s stopping you?

The biggest hurdle of course is money, because no matter where you live you are going to need money coming in. At home you probably already have a job and an income… Well there are two options:

1 – Get a job

Getting a job in another country before you even arrive there is tricky, but it is very doable. If you are prepared to work a menial job at first you can get yourself settled in and then look to find a better job later. As an English speaker your job prospects in most countries will be good.

2 – Online income

The alternative of course is that you build yourself a business online which you can run virtually from anywhere in the world. This option is ideal, but it is a lot harder to achieve in practice. That’s not what this post is about though… I digress.

What do you need?

The next step is to figure out what you actually need to live off – so first off where do you want to live? You should know this bit already. If you are sensible with your choice you can go live somewhere where the cost of living is low, this will make your goal much more achievable.

A bit of a Google search will give you an idea of how much rent would be in your chosen location and you should also be able to get an estimate of the cost of food, bills, internet etc.

An example:

Say for argument’s sake you wanted to live in India for a couple of years:

Depending on the region you can likely find a very nice 2 bed apartment or house for as little as 10,000 rupees per month; I happen to know that for another 10-12,000 you can live very comfortably, eating out 3 times a day and getting taxis everywhere.

Throw all that into a currency calculator and you will see that you could realise this particular dream for just $500 a month. That’s a lot less than you probably spend at home.


The place you want to live might not be quite so cheap, but the important thing is to find out, do the figures and make it real; as soon as you do this you can start to formulate a plan and make preparations for turning your pipe dream into a reality.

Editor Note:   Loads of Singles are doing this now – get out there, have a go and you never know, you could mean your perfect match in some exotic location. What’s your idea of a great country to go and live, work and explore just for something different to do for a while?

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