4 Ways to Find Cheap and Free Stuff

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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty bored of this whole recession thing. Everyone seems to have no money for nice things and it’s all a bit depressing. So in the name of rebelling against it – I have decided to put together a guide that will help you to buy nice things whilst still saving money. Or even getting free stuff! Every little helps after all…

Car boot sale, DAting Symbol blogGarage Sales / Car boot

You may have thought that the dawn of eBay would have killed off the car boot sale for good, but no – the scene is very much alive and well – and as full of bargains as ever.

The key to car boot sales is being able to spot a bargain. There is often plenty of rubbish at these places, but for those who are willing to look, there are some great little gems too.

Make sure you arrive early and you can have a good rummage before the crowds arrive. It can be great fun as a day out and costs very little.

Charity Shop,saving money, Dating Symbol blogThrift Stores

For some reason, charity shops and bargain shops can get a bad image, and many people just don’t consider shopping in them – even though you have no doubt accepted hand me downs from a friend or relative at some point in your life.

The best thing about charity stores is that you absolutely never know what you might find. From clothes and books to games, gadgets… I have even seen a snowboard for sale in one such store!

Freecycle,saving money, Dating Symbol blogFree Cycling

I once furnished almost an entire house practically for free, and my local free cycling community was to thank for a large chunk of it.

People are beginning to really care about waste and are paying a lot of attention to what they throw away. As a result, when people buy new furniture, white goods or whatever, they often hate to send their old but perfectly serviceable goods to land fill.

If you sign up to your local network you will almost certainly find a wealth of undamaged, second hand items for free to a good home. All you need to do is pick them up…

Factory Outlet,saving money, Dating Symbol blogFactory Outlets

Before you go and buy brand name trainers, clothes, toys or anything else from a high street shop, why not take a quick look online and see if there is an outlet near you?

Factories often make an excess of products which they do not need, either by mistake or for contingency. As a result there are always goods left over which need to be sold off to release capital and space. From factory outlets you can often buy brand new items at big discounts.


So as you can see, with just a little research and effort you can save a pretty penny on the stuff you would be buying anyway. Helping you to have your own rebellion and start making the most of the hard times!


Dating Symbol’s guest author today is Muzammil Bashir who works with the Senior Editor of freestuff.co.uk – find some great free samples with them.

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