Top ten tips to get back to fitness

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So you looking to get fit? You looking to lose some weight? Many things in life get in the way of staying fit and healthy but you can still stay fit and have plenty of family time if you involve them in your exercise. Here I give you ten simple tips to help you get back into shape.

  1. 30 minutes exercise per day – You can fit this into your day easily. 30 mins exercise a day, good for heatlh, Health and Fitness section, Dating Symbol blogWalking is a great exercise that everyone can do so why not get off the bus and walk to work? Or take a longer route so more time walking? Take the kids out on a walk, they may complain at first however find out some places where they will enjoy. Get them into the healthy habit as well
  2. 2 fruit and 5 veg a day for health, Fitness and health section, Dating Symbol blog Fruits and vegetables – eat your five a day! Eating plenty of fruit and veg is proven to lessen your risk to some cancers. They are full of fiber making you feel full longer, so make them part of your daily routine.
  3.  Drink plenty of water – You should be drinking around 8 glasses a day. Dehydration makes you feel lethargic. Rehydrating gives your liver a break from having to detoxify your body.
  4. Eat well and often – Try eating around 4 to 6 times and day and not 2 or 3. This helps keep your metabolism going. Take some fruit to work like a banana (tasty and quick to eat and you can do it without anybody noticing!). 
  5. Eat healthy snacks – One of the major issues people have is cutting back on snacks like chocolate and chips. However they are many different types of healthy snacks that are just as tasty.
  6. Work up a sweat– Getting a little sweaty helps burn more calories.
    working up sweat then you too can look like or is it lust after Mario Lopez, Dating Symbol blog

    working up sweat then you too can look like or is it lust after Mario Lopez ?

    So why not try to make you workout more intense if you really want to up the calorie burning. Jogging can be done with a start off of a combination of running and walking till you build up your fitness. If you prefer to stay in the house why not buy an exercise bike? You can get a really good deal these days if you don’t go for the big brands. Or for a really cheap option why don’t you just get a zumba DVD? This can be really good fun and is a great calorie burner.

  7. Get friends and family involved This makes it much more likely you will build this into your daily routine. Having somebody next to you when exercising or just over for a healthy lunch can make all the difference to your motivation!
  8. Get yourself a good healthy eating book healthy eating does not mean boring bland food! There are some much foods that are both healthy and tasty. It’s just a matter of finding out how to make it. Experiment a little and you will be amazed at what you can achieve in the kitchen.
  9. Don’t starve yourself – First it’s not an effective method of losing weight, your body just slows down your metabolism. If you are hungry eat! Just make sure it is a healthy option.
  10. Enjoy your new health style – Pick foods and exercise you enjoy and that are healthy. Being happy in your new lifestyle is the most important thing you can do to stay motivated.

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