Cars for Singles: What Gets Attention

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For many a long-term relationship has begun because one or both of the singles involved own a car that caught the other's eye. Many guys purchase cars specifically to attract women by advertising their wealth, technical expertise, and fun-loving nature. In recent years, women have begun to do likewise, and auto designers have stepped up to create cars which cater to their needs and tastes.

Pony Car Flickr, Cars for Singles, dating and relationships section, Dating Symbol blogFor men, the key is to obtain a car which is nice, but not ostentatious. Women will be put off by gross displays of wealth or juvenile irresponsibility. Therefore, singles should avoid dedicated sports cars such as Lamborghinis, Ford Mustangs or Chevy Corvettes. Instead they should favor vehicles which are both practical and fun-loving, to show a woman that there is plenty of both. BMWs, Audis and other foreign luxury cars are ideal for this. If a man must have a luxury car, it should be a convertible, and one which is not excessively overbuilt. The Mazda Miata is ideal for this, along with other such small, sporty coupes. Classic cars are great if you can ensure they are reliable and you want to pick up the sort of woman who knows and understands what makes a great car.

Women, on the other hand, should buy cars that men like. A man loves a woman who can handle a sports car, especially one with a manual transmission, since that shows training, dedication and dexterity. Convertibles are excellent if you have short or easily kept hair, but if you choose to have a hairstyle with extra style, you should get a hard top. Classic cars, especially muscle cars and so-called “Pony Cars” (Ford Mustang being the archetypal example) are also ideal. For women, the best way to impress a man is to show him that you understand the car intimately, and that the car complements your appearance and lifestyle.

Most singles will find they need to sell their existing vehicle to get a new one. If you want cash for cars, you should look to post your car online, since most dealers will offer only trade ins. Generally, however, there is more value in a trade-in than cash.

Dating Symbol's guest blogger today is Jeremy who IS a full time blogger, although he also works with a car buying company. They provide the #1 car buying Service.

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One Response to “Cars for Singles: What Gets Attention”

  1. Bigfoot@Toronto Dating says:

    What car you drive has literally no effect on a woman’s attraction unless she’s a golddigger or looking for a husband.

    Instead of wasting money on a car they don’t want men should simply improve their personality and charm.

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