Why you need to listen to flight attendants!

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United Airlines Boeing 757

On a sunny October day, I was flying on a United Airlines flight from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA to visit family that recently moved there. We left the gate on-time and as we were backing away from the gate, the flight attendants made their usual announcement to turn off all electronics for takeoff. While this is normally a simple task that people almost always comply with, this flight had a passenger who decided to rebel. While the safety video was playing, I happened to notice a flight attendant a few rows in front of me telling a passenger he needed to turn off his portable DVD player. She seemed rather agitated and I noticed that after she left, the gentlemen was still watching his DVD. After the safety video was over, the flight attendants made another announcement that we were in line to take off and all electronic devices, including portable DVD players, needed to be turned off before we could take off. She also stated that shortly after takeoff, the devices can be used again.

At this point, more people started to stare at the gentlemen who continued to watch his DVD. I happened to overhear another man and woman who were in the row across for him say that they let you use your electronics less than a few minutes after takeoff, which is usually true. At this time, the pilot made an announcement that we were third in line for takeoff, and that everyone needed to turn off their electronic devices before we could take off. At this time, there were three flight attendants who made their way to the gentlemen who continued refusing to turn off his DVD. He started to get louder and shouted that he works for Motorola and knows that there is no way for his portable DVD player to affect the instrument panels on the plane.

By now, other passengers were asking him to turn it off, and someone from the back of the plane shouted that his movie couldn’t be so good that he couldn’t turn it off for a few minutes. The mystery voice said, “Better turn off your porn because you won’t be able to watch any of it in jail.” The pilot then came on and said that we were next in line for takeoff and that if the gentlemen with the DVD player would not turn off his device, we would have to return to the gate and the Chicago police will be happy to assist him. The guy then screamed again that he worked for Motorola and that we were all nuts to turn the plane around over a harmless device. But that’s exactly what we did.

Instead of speeding down the runway for takeoff, we slowly taxied back to our gate where three police officers boarded and asked him why he didn’t turn off his device. He pleaded with the officers that his DVD player couldn’t cause any communication problems and that he worked for Motorola, but the police were not as patient as the flight attendants. They had to forcefully get him up and escort him off the plane. We were then held at the gate for close to an hour and a half while police took witness reports and took the gentlemen to jail. Instead of simply turning off his DVD player for a few minutes, he inconvenienced all 250 people on board and delayed us on our trip to Los Angeles. While I would normally be extremely annoyed, and there were people who were visibly ticked off, the story is too funny to get mad.
Dating Symbol's guest post today is from Adam Bruk. When it comes to traveling, there isn’t a place Adam wouldn’t want to visit at least once! A frequent flyer, he works during the day analyzing retail trends in thermal socks and slouch socks and enjoys traveling around the world every opportunity he gets!

Editor Note: The DVD viewing guy said he worked for Motorola – I wonder if it is actually past tense for him now! But thereagain, it's all publicity for Motorola in one way or another.

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