When is a Painting a Photograph

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Traveling through Namibia is exciting and a photographer’s delight. Yet, painters get huge inspiration from the beauty and starkness to be found in such a place. Take a look at the picture below. As stunning as this painting looks, it is not actually a painting but a PHOTOGRAPH. It was featured on National Geographic’s Photograph of the Day page recently and it received a lot of attention. Various comments suggest it might have been Photoshopped but it is definitely a photograph and NOT a painting.

Or is it?

The National Geographic comment on this photograph taken in Namibia is  “Tinted orange by the morning sun, a soaring dune is the backdrop for the hulks of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park.”  The photograph was taken by Frans Lanting

Simply stunning in my view. But…have you decided if it’s a painting or a photograph or a very well photoshop edited photograph? What’s your opinion?

I don’t really mind whatever it is, this scene is just gorgeous to look at – might even make it my wallpaper for a day or two! Such gorgeous images like these makes me want to go traveling once more…

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Camel Thorn Trees in Namibia - Photo Frans Lanting

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One Response to “When is a Painting a Photograph”

  1. Patty @chromakey photography says:

    Upon looking into it closely, for me I can say it is a Painting Photography. I love the how it was being presented especially the color combination.

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