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Remember the butterflies and nervous excitement you felt when you first met your spouse? There is no other feeling in the world like the feeling of falling in love. During this time you can't seem to get enough of your partner and they can do no wrong (where do you think the term love is blind came from?). This time is commonly referred to as the honeymoon phase, it typically lasts for a few months.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last forever. After a time, your partner's once-endearing quirks will no longer be so cute. Your daily lives will get hectic and stressful. So, how do you keep the passion and excitement alive in your relationship? Here are a few key pieces of advice and tips.

Stay connected throughout the day. These days with carpool, work, errands, sports, I love you text message, Dating and Relationships, Dating Symbol blogand housework life seems to just get more and more complicated. In the midst of the chaos, take a few seconds to text a sweet message to your partner. This simple gesture shows your partner that amongst your busy day, you are still thinking of them.

Dinner date, Dating and Relationships, Dating Symbol blogPlan a date night. You and your partner should go out alone at least once a month. Try not to discuss the children, work or anything else that stresses you out during the week. Just enjoy your time together and while you are at it, don't forget to flirt with each other shamelessly.

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Explore new things together. Whether the new hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the next town over, a bed and breakfast in a place you've never been or white water rafting, try something new with your partner. By putting yourself in a position in which the only thing you are really comfortable with is your relationship with your partner, being in unfamiliar territory together will strengthen your bond even more.

Do not be afraid of PDA. Hold hands with your partner when you are walking together, sneak a butt grab when nobody is looking and steal a kiss whenever possible (by ceballos). Show your spouse that you are still hot for them.

While the beginning of a relations is always wonderful, it is what happens after the fireworks fade that really determines whether you and your partner will last. A love that can stand the test of time is a rare and beautiful thing.

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Editor Notes: PDA = Public Displays of Affection

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