Carbon Tax and Broken Promises – Effects Widespread

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Julia Gillard has bet her career, leadership and credibility on breaking an election promise and introducing this rip off Carbon Tax. It’s apparently OK to lie is the message being sent out to everyone. Let’s hope it really will be Julia’s demise. She was supposed to fix the ‘Boat People’ issue – again don’t think that will ever be ‘fixed’ no matter who is in Government. Julia’s approval rating is down the toilet as is the support for the Labor Party – surprise, surprise. But, the sad thing is there’s not much better  to offer the voters in ‘the other camp’.


But, back to the Carbon Tax imposition on the Australian people. Why we are going on about it is because once it’s introduced here, watch out America, Britain and the rest of Europe – your turn will come. It’s a great revenue raiser and will be ongoing. People power is what is needed NOW. Just listen to some of these figures:

In Australia the Carbon Tax will reportedly raise about $9.6BILLION in it’s first year. Not bad hey?

An entire bureaucracy will be built around collecting the tax, redistributing it to low to middle income earners via tax cuts. Increasing Pension and Family Tax Benefits.  Devising ‘special packages’ to help coal-fired power generators.


Interestingly the Government has also announced ‘special initiatives to boost energy efficiency at the household and house construction level’. That’s terrific, especially considering the powers that be  just scaled back the Solar Energy rebate scheme – that was trying to encourage householders to switch to solar energy.  Didn’t make sense to stop/reduce something while still harping on about Carbon Tax and Climate change.


Back to the Carbon Tax – it’s been set at $23 a tonne. But what is a tonne of carbon you ask? Well if you felt like driving from Perth to Sydney – similar to going from LA to NY – or about 2500 miles – then you’d produce 1 tonne of greenhouse gases and that would be by burning the equivalent of about 880lbs  of black coal.  And that’s bad news in Australia as we are heavy users of electricity, and that in itself leaves a large carbon footprint because – guess what – we use a heck of a lot of coal to create the country’s power supply. Why don’t we use solar power you now ask? Beats me – got more sun than you can poke a stick at here!


So, thanks to the new Carbon Tax – power prices will of course increase – up another 15% with the $23 tonne tax – and given that power has just gone up about 54% in the last 3 years (not to mention every other utility and service under the sun here), no one is left wondering why the PEOPLE are pissed off or why Julia should find herself and her Government at an all time low in the approval rankings.


And that’s just the beginning. If you start to think about how BIG Australia is and how we get most of our produce around the country – yes by ROAD and AIR freight – guess what else will go up… EVERYTHING you could possibly think of.

new-bureaucratic-tax-authority, Carbon Tax rip off Australia, Dating Symbol blogI along with so many other Australians are having difficulty in making sense of this Carbon Tax being foisted on us. How is it going to stop atmospheric pollution in real terms. The polluting industries will pay the Tax, they’re not going to be shut down – that would be political suicide not to mention economic suicide in Australia – we survive on mining, oil and gas industries – major pollutants. So these industries will be carrying on as usual and emitting as many greenhouse gases as they have to but obviously the Government will reap the rewards from the Carbon Tax. But, the industries will then pass the full amount of tax on to the public as per usual by way of higher charges. So at the end of the day – it really hasn’t cost them anything!


Then the tax the Government has just collected will be paid to Joe Public so we can pay the increased costs in everything that is a direct result of the Carbon Tax. Makes perfect sense – doesn’t it?

Please can anyone see any sense in this mess?

OH – and one other thing  – there is a growing band of the population that is becoming more informed and understanding the cyclic nature of our planet and the changes that occur with global temperature over long periods. Explanations  include solar activity, recession of the Earth’s axis and changes in ocean currents. Now I am not aware of anything we as humans can do about these changes.


SO WHY ARE WE HAVING A CARBON TAX FOISTED ON US – just for the sake of Revenue Raising?

What’s your take on all this? Let’s get the discussion going here…







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