Kilauea – synonymous with US and Australian Govts?

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Kilauea is located on the Island of Hawaii. It is mostly located on the boundaries of Hawaii’s volcano National Park on the South Eastern flank of Maunaloa. Kilauea is fifty miles long and fourteen miles wide. Kilauea is in the shield-building stage and is one of the most active volcanoes on the Earth. Kilauea covers about 13% of Hawaii’s Island.


When this volcano erupts, it lets out over several hundred thousand cubic yards of lava.  Kilauea has been calculated as first erupting about 300,000-600,000 years ago, with the last eruption 1983.

Kilauea Volcano Hawaii, Dating symbol blog

Kilauea Volcano Hawaii


Is this what Geithner, Obama and Co feel like they are doing – dabbing the embers of a very fiery US people – ready to blow at any second with the economic mismanagement that’s gone on for years.




That’s right – we’ll just go print some more money – hold on – we’ll be back in a few hours.


Now this is what the Australian people are feeling at the moment – fed up to the back teeth with lies, damned lies and statistics being fed to them over the Carbon Tax imposition and everything else that’s being flung at them in the name of global warming that Australia – with note less than 0.3% of the world’s population – is going to fix with an insidious carbon tax on it’s populace.


Kilauea volcano Hawaii, Dating Symbol blog

Oh forgot to mention – the Carbon Tax will reportedly reap in $23 billion dollars and Julia and Co (Aussie Govt) will be giving 9/10 people in the Aussie community a bit of a cash helping hand (what a suck/sell job) from the monies raised to help with the additional cost rises as a result of the carbon tax. But – of course there’s little mention of the bureaucracy that has to spring up for the compliance, dishing out and ongoing ‘management’ of this tax. And the ‘upping’ of the carbon tax rate and any subsequent government handouts…

And the first $6million dollars of TAXPAYERS funds paying for advertising this little baby – or should I say, shoving it down our throats to sell it to us. This has to work for Julia and Co or she’s out and maybe the rest of them too. It’s make or break time for Julia. And the Greens are loving it – they have the balance of power in the Senate – so that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. It’s got nothing little to do with damn global warming – it’s all to stay in power, no matter what!


The Carbon Tax is a bit like the GST that was never going to come in on John Howard’s watch – HAHAHAHA – forgive me laughing. What did he do – but bring it in. And of course, it wasn’t going to cost the Aussie anything to bring in ‘cos it was going to abolish this, that and the other tax – HAHAHAHAH forgive me again. Well guess what – the GST cost us at least a 6% rise with it’s introduction alone. And now – well…

Bring on that Volcanic Eruption – it can’t come soon enough.

But WAIT – they’ll tax the blooming thing – it’s polluting the atmosphere, warming our planet and we’ll all sink into the sea next year…


Kilauea Volcano similarities with Australian and US Govts and Peoples, Dating symbol blog


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