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Australians everywhere – wake up before you are taxed out of existence. Price hikes are everywhere on everything and for every given reason. Now another dastardly tax the CARBON Tax is about to be introduced in Australia – another license to print money - and it will do stuff all to reduce carbon emissions. It will create another Government Department to oversee the taking over of monies from us kind taxpayers and the giving back of some of it to the lower income and middle income earners. Just what we need more bureaucracy without any tangible benefits. Especially when you see what overall effect Australia has in the carbon tax/emissions debacle around the world. Near on Zilch effectively.

CArbon rip off tax, Julia Gillard lied again, Dating Symbol blogSo vote with your fingers, feet and do something to PREVENT JULIA GILLARD bringing in this stupid Carbon Tax. This is like John Howardwill never bring in a GST – guess what he did – brought in the GST. Like Bob Hawkeno child will live in poverty by 1990 – yeah, sure and pigs fly backwards to Dubbo and now Julia Gillardthere’ll be no Carbon Tax when we’re voted in – and sure as eggs – they all lie through their back teeth. Must be a pre-requisite for politicians and Prime Ministers. Sorry – I’m fed up to the back teeth with the lying. Aren’t you?

PEOPLE POWER needs to reign – not pandering to the Greens and any other hanger on just to keep in office which is effectively what it’s all about here in Australia! The people of Australia and the world need your help – are you able to help spread the word on this insidious tax and the nothingness that will eventuate out of it in reducing carbon emissions in the world?

And if you want a bit more truth on the Climate Change/Carbon Tax – read this.

Important Developments In The Fight Against The Carbon Tax

Dear About to be Carbon Taxed out of Existence Concerned Citizen (this heading was my wording, not Timothy Andrews)

Earlier today, independant economic modelling revealed that the Gillard-Brown Carbon Tax will immediately cost over 4000 jobs in the mining industry alone, forcing 18 mines to close, resulting in $22billion in lost revenue. And this is just in one industry. Just imagine what the total cost will be when this is translated accross the whole economy!

As Tim Blair notes, the carbon tax is opposed by almost every job-creator in Australia: from International Power and Port Macquarie Taxis to the dairy industryTRUenergy, Leighton Holdings, Sunbather Pool Technologies, the Master Builders Association, the Herald Sun, the Housing Industry Association, Clive Palmer, the WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy, the Queensland Resources Council, Mt Isa mayor John Molony, Queensland Labor premier Anna Bligh (conditionally), Western Australian MP Tony Crook, cement maker Adelaide Brighton, power company Macquarie Generation, Ford factory workers, Kerry Stokes, Stephen Lowy, the Minerals Council of Australia, Western Australian energy supplier New Synergy, the citizens of Illawarra, Hafda’s Butchery, Labor senator Doug Cameron’s working people, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, dairy farmers, barley growers, insurance companies, local councils, state governments, CFOs, food and grocery producers, miners, union members, Gerry Harvey, G&S Engineering, Sam Gadaleta, BHP, Queensland Labor members, the Noosa Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, the Northern Territory parliament, Santos, the Australian Taxi Industry Association, Alumina Limited, an industrial group representing Amcor, Bluescope Steel, Boral, CSR, Sucrogen, Sugar Australia, Rheem, Vicpole and Dexion, Incitec, the Taxi Council of Queensland, the Australian Agricultural Company, the Australian Coal Association, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Federation of Automotive Product Manufacturers and Penrith’s Sun Masamune sake brewery…”

Is it any wonder that the pollsters are predicting the biggest landslide to The Coalition in history, or that only 28% of Australians support this tax?

We all know that this tax will hurt our economy, hurt every Australian family, and do nothing to help the environment. Yet our government is still so deluded as to think that this is the way forward. They are just not listening. But this is a democracy: we can make them listen!

So it’s time to step up the pressure, and to send them a message that they will not be able to ignore. After all, the next election will be too late: with the radical Greens controlling the Senate, we must act now!

What can we do? Here are a few things:

1)Educate ourselves. We have truth on our side, and facts are our greatest weapon. But in order to combat the lies spread by the left, we need to keep educating ourselves. As such, we are lucky that two of the world’s best speakers on climate change are due to visit Australia. And there is a certain power in listening to people that simply reading the facts can’t convey:

Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, Author of Blue Planet in Green Shackles, and speaker of international renown will be delivering two public addresses in Australia in July, courtesy of the Institute of Public Affairs:

Time: 12:15pm
Date: 22 July
Place: Duxton Hotel, 1 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Contact: Peter Gregory, pgregory@ipa.org.au
To Book Your Spot: Click here

Time: 7:00pm
Date: 25 July
Place: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
Topic: Climate Change, the Dangerous Faith
Contact: Peter Gregory, pgregory@ipa.org.au
To Book Your Spot: Click here

Lord Monkton, perhaps the most popular living debunker of climate change lies, will also be touring Australia in July:

Wed 6 Jul – The Starlight Room. Wests New Lambton, Newcastle
Thu 7 Jul – The Wesley Theatre. Pitt St Sydney CBD
Fri 8 Jul – North Sydney Leagues Club. Cammeray, Sydney
Wed 13 Jul – Broncos Leagues Club. Red Hill, Brisbane
Wed 20 Jul – German Club, Dandenong Road, Windsor, Melbourne

You can book your tickets to these appearances through Ticketek by clicking here.

But wait: there’s more!

Lord Monckton will also appear with Bob Carter in Noosa, on the 16th of July, at The J, Noosa Junction, QLD: 3pm and 7pm. Call (07) 54554455 for details, or Click here for tickets

Finally, Lord Monckton will also be speaking at these venues – tickets at the door!
18th July 7.00pm Ballarat, VIC venue to be announced. Ph: 0435 423 636 *
21st July 7.00pm Traralgon, Town Hall, Traralgon, VIC. Ph: 03 5176 3559 *
22nd July 7.00pm Adelaide, German Club, 223 Flinders St, SA. Ph: 0435 423 636 *
Book soon for the non-door ticket events, as both speakers are selling out fast!

2) Attend another rally:

Rallies make a difference. They get media attention, and show how Australian reject this tax. The multi-million dollar astroturf group GetUp! has failed miserably to get anyone to attend their pro-tax rallies, so it’s the perfect time for us to make our voices heard! We’ve had some great rallies in the last two months, so let’s keep up the momentum!

Time: 1:00pm
Date: 19 June
Place: Victorian Parliament House
Facebook: Click here

Time: 5:30pm
Date: 1 July
Place: Dubbo RSL, Club Cnr Brisbane and Wingewarra Streets Dubbo
Contact: dubboratepayersandresidents@gmail.com
Facebook: Click here

Time: 1:00pm
Date: 1 July
Place: Greens Sydney HQ, 19 Eve St, Erskineville NSW
Facebook: Click here

Hunter Valley/Newcastle
Time: 1:00pm
Date: 2 July
Place: Foreshore Park, Newcastle
Facebook: Click here

Time: 1:00pm
Date: 8 July
Place: Castle Hill Showgrounds
Facebook: Click here

Time: TBD
Date: 9 July
Place: Hyde Park

Time: 1:00pm
Date: 14 July
Place: TBD
Facebook: Click here

And more to come still!

3)Write! Help Spread the word by writing for us online! The more people we can reach, the stronger our message is. Please email your thoughts to tandrews@menzieshouse.com.au.

As an added bonus, we are currently sponsoring a competition for under 30′s offering $750 for the best blog post submitted to us in the next month. Check out details here and please pass onto family and friends. It’s a great opportunity, so spread the word!

We are fighting an uphill battle. Our opponents are desperate, loaded with cash, and will stop at nothing. But we have the Australian people on our side, and, ultimately shall prevail.

Thank you for all your hard work, for your support, and for all the sacrifices you have made to ensure Australia remains the great country she is.

Yours in truth,

Timothy Andrews
Managing Editor
Menzies House

PS: If you are in a position to make a financial contribution to help us defeat this unnecessary, destructive tax, you may do so here. If not, please attend a rally!

And for those of you NOT in Australia – don’t think you won’t be affected. Don’t you think every Government around the world – bar the countries with the worst lot of polluting going on who couldn’t give a damn anyway, will be looking at the ease in which the Australian Government can dupe the people and bring in yet another way of taxing them to death. So PLEASE spread the word far and wide and motivate and activate your people too in saying NO to Carbon Taxes anywhere. It’s a pathetic grab by Governments around the world and will do nothing to help reduce Carbon Footprints.

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