Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune and Free Tarot Reading

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The lovely Sasha Graham – aka Tarot Diva has been super busy with the launch and release of her book, aptly titled “Tarot Diva”.  Here at Dating Symbol we are very excited to be able to offer you a special offer that ties in with “Tarot Diva”. Once you’ve read this column where Sasha has selected your personal card of the week, you will see the special offer for Dating Symbol readers.

Tarot applies to anyone, anywhere and here is Sasha’s selection for your personal card of the week:

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Lifestyle – The Wheel of Fortune spins faster than the media circus surrounding Kate and William’s wedding. But what does this mean for you? You are feeling pulled in a million directions, everything and everyone is trying to grab your attention. The hard work you’ve done is paying off but as a result you are probably feeling tired. Be sure to take time out to rest and be good to yourself.


Love Style – The Wheel of Fortune says what goes down must also rise up. See the snake representing Adam and Eve spinning down on the wheel? This is a suggestion for you to follow some of your darker, baser desires. Feeling the urge to engage in some extra naughty behavior? The Wheel of Fortune says go for it, take a taste of the forbidden, but don’t forget to rise up for air afterwards like Anubis, the red animal pictured on the card.


Career Style – All signs point to you moving and shaking in your chosen career. Your trajectory is a path leading upwards. The only question is how far do you want to go? Have concerns about your next career step? Ask your tarot deck. A quick flip of the cards will always provide you with an idea, a hunch to follow or a goal to set. Let tarot empower you and never forget just how very special you are!


And now for that Special Offer. As mentioned earlier, Sasha Graham’s new book  “Tarot Diva” is now available. Here are a couple of links to make it easy to access


Barnes and Noble

Now for the best bit.

Sasha will give you a FREE one card tarot reading via email  if you:

  1. Email Sasha a copy of your book purchase receipt (withhold your credit card numbers)
  2. and advise Sasha that you’re from Dating Symbol

This is Sasha’s Email address: – sashag@nyc.rr.com

You can read more of Sasha’s selected Tarot cards here.



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