How Dynamic Is Your Partnership?

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Love Hearts, Valentine's Day, Dating & Relationships Section, Dating Symbol blogAs Valentine’s nears, many couples begin to reevaluate their relationships.This is a great time to take your relationship pulse and check your couple heart-beat by asking yourself which of the following partnership styles best describes you. What you come up with may surprise you.  If you and your partner each answer the question separately, then share your responses together, you may wind up soaring into the stratosphere with new surprises, or at the other extreme, you may be down in the dumps, ready to dump each other. Most couples will find some satisfying places for good communication and positive relationship tweaking.

Michelle & Barack Obama, Dating & Relationships Section,  Dating Symbol blog*Happy Beyond Your Wildest Dreams*

You have either just met or you and your partner have learned how to make your relationship burn with a bright flame. Sex can be comforting,
satisfying, spiritual, or “rockets’ red glare.” You know how to be intimate with each other and are good friends. You’ve got something special. Spread your wisdom where you can.Condoleeza Rice & George W Bush, Dating & Relationships Section, Dating Symbol blog

*Life Is Pretty Good*

You and your partner have closeness and are respectful of each other. You
touch and talk a lot, and sometimes sex can sizzle. Stress can get you down
and annoyances may creep in, but mostly life is good. You can keep the good times rolling by sharing meals together, making time for making love,
looking for ways to connect and talk. Also find ways to keep your individual
interests alive, as well as those you share together. Make time for yourself and each other. Talk about what knots you up. Seek opportunities for positive connections and words of love. Remain present, and aware of ways to help grow and support your relationship.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Dating & Relationships Section, Dating Symbol blog*Walking a Tightrope*

You have some pleasure and satisfaction in your relationship, but also some serious annoyances and challenges. The good times usually outweigh the bad. But you can get pretty angry or disappointed, and you either retreat into silence or blow up when you wish you wouldn’t. Sex still has its good moments, but not as often as you or your partner would like. Sometimes
you’re not so sure whether or not you still care.

You feel that there is still potential for greater satisfaction and
happiness, but that neither of you risk reaching for it. Your dreams have tarnished, but when you are together and relaxed, the dull patina of your connection falls away and you can glow. Sometimes you even laugh together. Keep what you’ve got and grow it by taking vacations together, going on date nights (and days), and going beyond your usual conversations. Actively look
for more reasons to laugh and more time to cuddle.

*Hanging In*

You don’t have much pleasure and often feel dissatisfied. Many days (and nights) seem bleak. Sex is boring or very infrequent. Perhaps your vagina is dry or unresponsive, or your hard-on won’t last (even though you have no trouble masturbating). Your eye may be wandering for romance elsewhere. Perhaps you’ve even had an affair. You don’t know how to make your relationship better, yet you don’t want to leave. You’ve got a history and a long-term investment, so you still hold out hope. This is an ideal time to get outside counseling or professional help. You loved your partner once. Perhaps you can get reacquainted and learn the new skills that will have made hanging in through this rough patch worth the effort.

*Rock Bottom*

You are probably missing the fulfillment of basic relationship needs and may be feeling pain, rage, or intimacy emptiness. Sex is lifeless, if it exists at all. You may be thinking about a trial separation or divorce. Will you stay or leave? The help of a close friend, counselor, clergy, or therapist may guide you in figuring it out.

* Crazy Time*Broken heart, Dating & Relationships Section, Dating Symbol blog

You’ve decided to leave, but meanwhile you’ve stopped sleeping, your eating is a mess, and you aren’t sure if you can stay sane for much longer. Sex with your partner has become a distant memory. You might not even remember why you got together in the first place. This is a crazy-feeling time; you may be anxious and/or depressed. Sometimes you wonder how to get through the next hour, much less a day. You may even wonder if life is worth living.
It’s time to make a move. If possible, get professional help along the way. Maybe getting some mood stabilizers, a massage, acupuncture, or exercise would help. Be careful driving, walk carefully so that you don’t trip, and watch out not to bump into walls. Don’t scare yourself or stop in midstream. Moving on is scary, but staying can be worse. At any rate, don’t try to patch up what has already fallen apart with a Valentine’s gift. It may be tossed in your face.

What has this quiz told you? I hope it’s helped you know what you want to do for Valentine’s Day.

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