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Interactive Crossword Puzzles now featured on SHI Symbol Blog

Interactive Crossword Puzzles now featured on SHI Symbol Blog

Calling all Word sleuths, Scrabble lovers and anyone looking to expand their vocabulary, you can now enjoy exercising your  brain with our new feature – CROSSWORDS. Totally interactive, you can read your clues on your screen AND put in your answers directly onto the crossword grid displayed.

This first crossword puzzle is nice and easy. See how you fare and do please let us know if you  enjoy doing this one, whether you’d like them to be harder or easier and even how fast you were able to solve this puzzle.

I love playing Scrabble and enjoy having a go at Crosswords just for fun and it sure makes time go fast when  you’re bored or killing a bit of time or simply fed up playing Solitaire on the computer. I hope you too enjoy doing them here.

Look out for our next Crossword puzzle and if you’re lucky there’ll be Sudoku in there too one day.

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