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Amulets & Talismans, “MIRACLE ICONS” another Fashion statement… WIN ONE HERE

Jun 29, 2010 10 Comments by

Miracle Icons medals are the good luck charms for everything and anything.

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Set the Mood for that Special Someone

Jun 28, 2010 1 Comment by

Tweet A gourmet meal.  Candlelight.  Barry White singing in the background.  Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, it never hurts to add a little romance into the mix.  So if you’re planning a special date or celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other holiday, you need to figure out how […]

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To Eat or Not To Eat: Should You Go Gourmet for the First Date?

Jun 26, 2010 No Comments by

Tweet A first date can be nerve-wracking for even the most confident of guys.  You want to impress her, but you don’t want to go over the top or appear too desperate or cocky.  And while you can plan an extravagant, event-filled evening, you certainly don’t want to put too much pressure on an already […]

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Post Turtle – another topical joke

Jun 24, 2010 3 Comments

Tweet YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE THIS AUSSIE FARMER’S  OUTLOOK & COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO LIFE  . While  sewing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Aussie farmer,  who’s hand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the  doctor struck up a conversation with the old  man. Eventually  the topic got around […]

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Best Joke of 2010 – so far!

Jun 24, 2010 6 Comments

Tweet John Howard, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. Putin asks to call   Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs […]

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Couples Massage: How Soon is Too Soon?

Jun 24, 2010 1 Comment

Tweet You’ve only been dating for a few days, weeks, or months (insert time-frame) but everything seems to be clicking.  You don’t want to jump the gun, but you’re beginning to think this person is THE ONE.  And so you’ve decided that it’s time to take it to the next level and organize a special […]

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5 Fun Dates You Never Thought Of

Jun 22, 2010 3 Comments

Tweet Dating can be both fun and frustrating, especially if you’re the one coming up with all the plans.  You’ve done dinners, movies, concerts, sporting events, and even a romantic walk on the beach.  You hit rock bottom when you resorted to taking your date to a party with all of your friends (in which […]

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In time for the World Cup Soccer – Condoms with teeth to fight RAPE…

Jun 21, 2010 4 Comments

Tweet Blokes beware – just in case you are caught unawares there is a new condom awaiting your arrival – but – as long as you act like a perfect gentleman, you will never have the displeasure of experiencing this. It makes MY eyes water just thinking about it. I came across a piece from […]

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Would you like fries with that?

Jun 20, 2010 No Comments

Cheeseburger and Chips? Think again after watching these video clips – will definitely make you think…

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Christian, Yves and Karl – Who’s that?

Jun 18, 2010 No Comments

Tweet This is the perfect book to take you through how new designers became the most famous international designers that we have ever known.   They are the precursors of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano and paved the way for so many designers and brands of the 21st century. The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake – […]

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Oligoville rides again…

Jun 14, 2010 5 Comments

Mr New York Fashion Writer himself, the very interesting Jeffrey B Felner has just reviewed SHI Symbol for his Oligoville Fashion and Music lovers network

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BCMG IPhone Application for Music, Entertainment and much more…

Jun 10, 2010 4 Comments

Tweet If you haven’t yet checked out the latest IPhone application by Black Cherry Music Group or BCMG – give it a go. Just Download this app and stay connected to all of BCMG’s music, news, tweets, videos, and other content in real-time. The wonderful Chris Leyva – fabulous musician, artistic director and driving force […]

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Everyone loves a bit of magic…Cyril Takayama is one of the best

Jun 10, 2010 1 Comment

Tweet I was sent this amazing video clip and just had to share it with you. As kids we all loved magic and as adults most of us do still. This trick by magician Cyril Takayama is absolutely amazing – well to me anyway! I hope you enjoy it – I”ve watched it 3 times […]

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Jun 09, 2010 No Comments

Tweet As we all know, fashion is an enormous international conglomerate which has an endless inventory, endless database of designers and an endless audience. During my search for some of the newer and newest designers, I was fortunate enough to find Sandro Reali who certainly has found his way via many paths within the business […]

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Four Ways to Reduce Stress

Jun 07, 2010 3 Comments

Tweet Being single isn’t simple. In fact, singleness can be a leading factor to your stress levels which come from a mental instability. It’s difficult to figure out who is single and who is straight. The SHI Symbol relieves a lot of the stress for you, but there are other simple ways that you can […]

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Simple Dating Rules to Remember…

Jun 04, 2010 No Comments

Tweet And you thought being Single and dating was hard enough. Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. How about THESE rules for dating his daughter:

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Social Media, Singles, finding friends & slipping behind…

Jun 01, 2010 4 Comments

Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?

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