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Searching for Love? Can Amazon & Myles Reed help?

Jan 30, 2009 No Comments by

Get all the inside knowledge of how to find the ‘right one for you

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Singles Hitting a Dating Six and winning prizes

Jan 21, 2009 5 Comments by

Fabulous way to meet other Singles and the Cricket speed dating was a novel way to kick off the evening

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Let’s go for a drink? Seems simple enough…

Jan 14, 2009 3 Comments by

How men and women see things. Girls you’ll relate to this!

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Singles Party at Twenty20 Cricket thanks to Get Hitched

Jan 12, 2009 2 Comments

This is not your usual cricket match; the Twenty20 is a ’20 over’ game lasting only 3 hours with added excitement, adrenaline and pace!

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